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Release date: Jul 18, 2023

Genre: Horror


Publisher: CREATIVE VR 3D


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Release date: Jul 18, 2023

Genre: Horror


Publisher: CREATIVE VR 3D


To play this game on PS5, your system may need to be updated to the latest system software. Although this game is playable on PS5, some features available on PS4 may be absent. See for more details.
Between dream and nightmare, the border is thin...

Developed by a French independent studio, Bad dreams is much more than a simple game. It is an immersive experience out of the ordinary, where your survival relies entirely on real actions. You will have to react instinctively to survive this frightening universe.

Your eyelids become heavy, the sound of the television fades to fatigue and you plunge into this dreamlike world where dream and nightmare merge.

You wake up on an idyllic beach, your feet in the white sand, lulled by a light breeze as the sun sets on the horizon. During this quiet walk, the gates of hell open to you. Driven by your pride, you think you can pass through them without suffering the consequences, but soon the perfect dream in which you found yourself turns into an oppressive nightmare with no way out.

You were warned.

Your goal? Get out of here as quickly as possible. You sense that this huge underground complex has the sole purpose of driving people to insanity.

Fight for your existence in an atmosphere where madness is palpable and anxiety grows with every step you take.
Will you dare to dive into the endless abyss of Bad Dreams?

Forget everything you thought you knew about horror games, because Bad Dreams transcends the boundaries of the video game experience.
This experience pushes you to endure and overcome your greatest fears and is therefore not for the faint of heart. For the bravest among you, prepare yourself for an immersive experience unlike any other, where horror comes to life and every moment can seal your fate. Face your inner demons, overcome your deepest fears. But remember, never, never succumb to madness...

Bad Dreams plays with your anxieties and reactions to allow you to live each moment intensely.
Our innovative gameplay, promises you a unique adventure in the world of horror video games.

Immersive controls: Your senses will be put to the test and your actions will all have consequences. Let yourself be carried away by a total immersion thanks to the VR controllers.

Madness: Be careful and keep your sanity. If you neglect this aspect, the madness will take you away, trapping you even more in this nightmare. Keep a close eye on your bracelet, as its signals will be the only way to warn you that your sanity is compromised.

Explore the intricacies of a dark and oppressive underground complex. Use a flashlight or matches to light your way. Move forward with caution and choose your path wisely, because every wrong choice can lead to your demise.

Fight off hordes of zombies, mutants and other nightmarish creatures that stand in your way. Fortunately, you have a variety of arsenal at your disposal, allowing you to attack your enemies directly or in melee. Choose the strategy you need to survive.

Puzzles: Solve the puzzles that litter your treacherous path. Some of the puzzles may seem simple at first, but when you're beset by creatures lurking nearby, things get complicated.

Prepare to be challenged and be prepared to use your survival instincts to make your way through this scary world. Bad Dreams features immersive gameplay, where the fight for survival, fear, reflection and exploration are at the heart of the experience.

Do you dare to dive into this terrifying universe and push your limits?

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