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Release date: Dec 7, 2010

Genre: Fighting



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Ratings: 988

Kung-Fu LIVE

Release date: Dec 7, 2010

Genre: Fighting



'Punching air has never felt this good!'

Be the hero and execute an infinite combination of fighting moves right in your own living room! Kung-Fu LIVE is a full-body motion fighting game that challenges your skills, coordination and creativity as every move counts against various foes ranging from gremlins to 4-story tall giants!

Purchase this game now to literally step inside the world of martial arts and epic battles!

Key Features
• YOU are fighting LIVE inside the game with boosted abilities.
• Full-body tracking and background removal using only the PlayStation®Eye camera and FreeMotion® Technology.
• In-depth single player campaign.
• Unique 2 to 5 player simultaneous multiplayer.
• Star in your own comic book adventure!
• Cook up custom brawls or play epic survival modes.
• Aerobic Side Effects - a full-body cardio workout in the form of kick ass entertainment. Any resulting six packs are unintentional!
• No previous martial arts skills are needed. Anyone can play!

1-4 players
830MB minimum save size
PlayStation®Eye camera required

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