Russia invaded Ukraine on Thursday, Feb. 24, 2022.

A huge part of the PS Deals team is Ukrainians. Our children, families, and friends are directly impacted by Russian military aggression. People are not safe, civilians are getting killed by Russian army. There is nothing that can justify this violence and the suffering of so many!

We want to announce that from now on each purchase of Lifetime Premium will be donated to support Ukrainian people affected by war.

Buy Lifetime Premium - support Ukraine

* You can buy Lifetime Premium on the website only! The website payments are much quicker to appear on our balance than iOS purchases. This way we can donate ASAP.

If you'd like to donate another amount, please, use these options

  • Bitcoint (BTC): 3BCPh7mDqsvtQeB8nmtqAxS8DZYXWsr4Mn
  • Ethereum (ETH): 0xc25f4a20788566ba942eaf8513fbef5adfef2cfe
  • Litecoin (LTC): Laz4ksDHPfGc3QPedPWjvwBdfRFKjBqP41
  • Tether USD (USDT): TXqsDQC2WXbsJ15i2qfxpeRi1M5c1M27BL
  • Visa, Mastercard, Maestro: Donate

We will transfer all received funds to the Ukrainian volunteer organizations.

Other ways to help

  • Send financial support directly to the Ukrainian army. National Bank of Ukraine has opened official fundrasing accounts to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine - Alternatively, "Come back alive" is one of the most trusted organizations -
  • Share as much fact-based information about Russian aggression as you can. Disinformation is a part of Russian war - look for reliable and fact-checked news:
  • Demand support for Ukraine from your government. Reach out to your representatives in the parliament and urge them to support sanctions against the Russian Federation.
  • Join or organize a rally in support of Ukraine in your city.
  • Even more ways to support Ukraine as a foreigner from a reliable source -

In case you are Russian with strong beliefs

One simple example - you have never come to your neighbor's apartment, killed children, destroyed all inside just because someone said your neighbor is a bad guy. You would check if it's true. You would ask others. You would do fact-checking. And still, you won't ever kill your neighbor!

So if you think Russia is saving Ukraine. All people around the world do not agree with you. Is it possible that Putin told the truth only to Russian people in secret, hiding it from others?

Do you know that the Russian army is bombing Kyiv and Kharkiv and killing civilians there? These cities are so far away from DPR and LPR as Moscow and St. Petersburg are.

You are suffering because of one man who decided that he can bite off the part of another country without permission. Brutally destroying others' lives. He is using you. He is your problem. Enough! Stage the protest! Overthrow the tsar!

Если вы русский с твердыми убеждениями

Один простой пример - вы никогда не приходили к соседу в квартиру, убивали детей, разрушали все внутри только потому, что кто-то назвал вашего соседа плохим парнем. Вы бы проверили, правда ли это. Вы бы у других спросили. Вы бы проверили факты. И все же, вы никогда не убьете своего соседа!

Если вы все же думаете, что Россия спасает Украину. Люди во всем мире не согласны с вами. Неужели Путин говорит правду только русским людям, скрывая ее от других?

Вы знаете, что российская армия бомбит Киев и Харьков и убивает там мирных жителей? Эти города так же далеки от ДНР и ЛНР, как Москва и Санкт-Петербург.

Вы страдаете из-за одного человека, который решил, что может без разрешения откусить часть другой страны. Жестоко разрушить чужие жизни. Он использует вас. Он ваша проблема. Хватит! Организуйте протест! Свергните царя!

Stay safe,

PS Deals team