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Release date: Nov 6, 2009

Genre: Role playing games


Developer: Nippon-Ichi Software


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4.16 / 5

Ratings: 88

Disgaea Infinite full game

Release date: Nov 6, 2009

Genre: Role playing games



The characters of the speedrun-style SRPG “Disgaea: Hour of Darkness” have been tossed into an adventure game!!
To solve the mystery of the assassination of Lord Laharl…and to prevent the tragedy of suffering from a pay cut, Prinny – the nobody of the Netherworld – has to undertake a time-jumping adventure!
Control Prinny’s spirit form to possess characters and influence their thoughts in order to change the past and prevent tragedy.
When you possess other characters there’s no doubt you’ll get a chuckle from seeing hidden sides to their personalities and listening in on their inner thoughts.
This entry in the Disgaea series is packed full of enjoyable elements, including a fully voiced story, game-enhancing story scenes, and characters sporting an array of amusing facial expressions.

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