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Release date: 9 Okt 2019

Genre: Action



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Concrete Genie (PS4)
Concrete Genie - Ash brush Avatar (PS4)
Concrete Genie - Ash face Avatar (PS4)
Concrete Genie - Beatrice Avatar (PS4)
Concrete Genie Bonus Content (PS4)
Concrete Genie – Denska Dynamic Theme (PS4)
(예약)Concrete Genie Digital Deluxe Edition (PS4)
Concrete Genie - Group Monster Avatar (PS4)
Concrete Genie - Lighthouse Dynamic Theme (PS4)
Concrete Genie - Orange Monster Avatar (PS4)
Concrete Genie - Pink Monster Avatar (PS4)
Concrete Genie - Yellow Monstar Avatar (PS4)
Concrete Genie - Zack Avatar (PS4)
Pond (PS4)

Release date: 9 Okt 2019

Genre: Action



Concrete Genie Digital Deluxe Edition includes:
- Concrete Genie Digital Full Game
As well as these digital bonuses:
- Concrete Genie – Pond Design Pack
- The Music of Concrete Genie – Digital Soundtrack
- Concrete Genie Digital Art Book
- Concrete Genie – Lighthouse Dynamic Theme

2 PlayStation®Move motion controllers are required if you want to play the VR mode in Concrete Genie.

*This content is also available in Thai.

※The items offered in this pack can be purchased as a single item.

※PlayStation®Move motion controller is required for VR experience.
Concrete Genie follows the heartwarming journey of a bullied teen named Ash, who escapes his troubles by bringing his colorful imagination to life in his sketchbook, while exploring his hometown of Denska – a once bright and bustling seaside town now polluted by Darkness.

Ash discovers a mysterious lighthouse, where he finds a magical paintbrush charged with ‘Living Paint’ capable of creating magnificent masterpieces that can purify Denska’s polluted walls.

Ash must harness the magical properties of his powerful paintbrush to eliminate the Darkness polluting Denska with the help of the mischievous Genies he creates along the way.

Can Ash overcome his personal struggles and paint his hometown back to life?

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